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      1. Reliable, Professional, promotes, Win-win Suntay Pharma
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        Suntay Pharmaceutical Company limited, located in Shenzhen city of China, is an integrated share-holding firm with business scopes in international trade, pharmaceuticals agent, pharmaceuticals distribution.

        Suntay has always emphasized the training of the staff to international standards, which makes suntay develop from a very small company to the one won national GSP(Good supply practice) certification.

        At the same time, suntay wins a lot. Last year our sales reached 100 Million RMB and Successfully opened some new markets of Cefdinir due to a very high quality sales team and a wide pharmaceuticals market throughout China.

        Suntay has import and export rights, especially has a ten years sales experience that can make a new import occupy China market shortly and bring cooperator a great benefit.

        Ħ°Reliable, Professional, Speediness, Win-winĦħis our motto, we do perform the motto, and u sure will have a better future if we work together.

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